Efficiency is second nature with Tree Lift.

Energy saving and the use of renewable sources: Tree Lift was born from these concepts; an innovative modular power management system for electric lifts patented by Sele. Designed to ensure maximum efficiency and to respect the environment, Tree Lift is ideal both for refurbishing existing buildings and for new installations thanks to the advantages it offers.


Through the use of smart batteries, Tree Lift is recharged via the simple power grid or through the use of photovoltaic panels, resulting in a sharp drop in consumption.
This means that the lift will work with the standard home energy supply (at 220 volts), and with the use of free and clean energy sources.


In case of blackout, and therefore of lack of electrical current, Tree Lift is designed to operate correctly thanks to its additional accumulator batteries, thus reducing the risk of entrapment.


Tree Lift è un sistema modulare e aggiornabile che consente di aggiungere ulteriori funzionalità anche in un secondo momento, senza doverne modificare le caratteristiche fondamentali. Una crescita continua per ottimizzare ogni bisogno.


Thanks to an intelligent control system Tree Lift is able to best use the energy generated by its photovoltaic panels that, combined with the use of a single-phase 220 volt power supply, allow significant cost reduction. Therefore the cost of Tree Lift will be recovered in next to no time and you will soon start saving.

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